Friday, May 3, 2013

The Original Starbucks

Well sort of, the original location was moved in 1976 to this location and has been here ever since. Now a days this seems like its more for selling souvenir mugs and cups, they have tons of boxes in the store full of them. They do sell coffee as well and I got one just to say I got coffee at the original Starbucks.

This was quite the effort to get this shot, I was interested in getting the store front shot but there was always people in it, which would not have been so bad but there was so many people you could not really see much of the store. So I ended up having a late dinner in the area and decided to bring my tripod and camera so that I could stop by, worked out great. I got back to the hotel to upload everything to my computer and all the images on the card were gone. So I left the hotel made the 15 minute walk down here and reshot everything. Got back to the hotel and some of the images were corrupt, apparently I have a failing memory card, but luckily I had enough images to work with, I don't think I would have gone back a third time.

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